Or am I.....

Welcome to my little cornder of the Institution. Please, pay no attention to my headings. They are just for fun. I don't really mean it.

3D modeling
I am working in 3ds Max 4 to create these models. There are some 3d rendering's of me in there.

I am learning more and more and teaching myself as I go along. Check here for updates if I ever feel like working on something else.

MAJOR CHANGES!! coming soon
Thanks to an unamed donation, this site is getting a completely new makeover. You can still expect the witty comments, stunning 3d artwork, intriguing other content, and the like, but no more bland, green, stupid templates for me! I'm going pro!

The new site should have a catchy flash interface with custom graphics and interactive... stuff...

You can expect this update in... about two months.
But seriously, I'll be working on it in almost all of my spare time(which is not a lot, you see...).

Thanks for visiting!

3D programming
Just recently(August 1) I started (re)learning C++. I'm advancing quickly, and have started integrating DirectX and Direct3D into my programs. I have a few ideas for games, and will begin to develop them as soon as I feel I am ready. Check my Game Development Page for more details.

I know who you are!!!
For all of you who think you can be anonymous on the webernet,

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