Kamikaze penguins were never this cool

I just started a couple of weeks ago, but researching the math and concepts behind 3d programming. At first, my mind was boggled, but I'm getting used to it a little more. I've developed a fully functionable 3d engine for the TI83+ graphing calculator. Its reallllly slow(1 frame a second) but it provided me with much needed moral support and some baby steps into C++

Credits(so far)
3D artist-RunningRiot
2D artist-RunningRiot

My Current Game Idea (this will change...)
I want to make a cartoony game, cause it would be harder to make a game realistic.

I was planning on making a clone of the Spyro games for playstation, but not anymore.

Some other ideas for games I were kind of a school RPG. You would have your jocks vs preps vs nerds vs whatever. each would have their special skills or whatever... but i rethought, and it was kinda stupid.

Another idea I had was to make a Real Time Strategy game of the game "HALO" by Bungie. I may still follow through with this.

Yet another idea I had was a spoof of the Army Men series, where there were puzzles and adventure instead of fighting, but thats a stupid idea.

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